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There's plenty to do at Kings Reef

The beauty of our area is that it has to be explored, you have to uncover its secrets. There are not hundreds of tourist attractions all wanting your holiday money. In our area, you have to be explorers, not tourists!  Talk to a local and discover breathtaking walks, fishing grounds, beaches and waterfalls. Here at the King Reef Resort, we love nothing more than helping our guests discover the natural wonders of the area.


King Reef is the largest fringing reef on the great barrier reef and it is a long way to the next one!


Where else do you have a choice of beach, estuary or reef fishing all within less than 1km!


Enjoy a refreshing dip at lots of secret local waterholes within a 30 drive.

family fun

Beachcombing, family bike hire, resort pool, open fields for sporting fun!

reef trips

Boab boat hire and Great Barrier Reef Island Tours

out and about

We are in an ideal location to explore everything our area has to offer!

King Reef

A truly unique North Queensland experience

The King Reef Resort is named after King Reef which sits only 800m off Kurrimine Beach. Yes, only 800 meters. At many times of the year at low tide, it is possible to walk out and explore the exposed reef. Remember the joy of exploring rock pools as a child? Well, this experience is a million times better! You will be amazed by the myriad of marine life. It is a truly unique North Queensland experience and to make it even better it is free, no expensive boat trips! Just bring some reef shoes, be prepared to get wet and take advice from a local!

King Reef is the largest fringing reef on the Great Barrier Reef and it is a long way to the next one! It is part of the Great Barrier Reef and heritage listed. King Reef features hundreds of examples of all three coral types – hard, soft and flowering. The warm, shallow waters are home to a myriad of marine life including tropical reef fish, the world-famous painted crays, manta rays and giant clams. Our beach is a rare nesting ground for turtles and you will see many different species of turtle on King Reef.

To the left of the reef are the unspoilt, often deserted tropical Barnard Islands, to the right is picturesque and once again virtually deserted Garners Beach. Right in front of us is Dunk Island, once a tropical resort paradise but now a more low-key campground and local weekend watering hole.

Apart from their stunning beauty, the uninhabited Barnard Islands are a birdwatchers paradise. They are important nesting grounds for endangered seabirds and are partly closed during nesting season. These islands are one of the most important bird nesting areas in the world and are protected by an international treaty.

Our area was designed by nature to be explored and discovered. It is hard to find a more unique part of the world. Next time you consider a Tropical North Queensland Holiday or visiting the Great Barrier Reef getaway from the glitzy tourist towns and take the road less travelled to an authentic,  paradise just waiting to be discovered.