Orient Mine Visitor Guidelines

The Orient Mine and its summer bat colonies are free for all guests to view and enjoy. Access to non-guests is limited to the Black Canyon trailhead. The road to this trailhead is primitive, not maintained and may not be passable without high clearance vehcile. Overnight camping is not permitted.  No fires, cooking or grill use permitted.

Always check-in at the OLT Welcome Center before proceeding. Staff have helpful information regarding the bat outflight and other attractions.

Vehicles may not drive past the gates which should remain locked. Footpaths allow hiking beyond.

Visitors may hike in from the Welcome Center or from Black Canyon Trailhead to the north. Either way, the hike is just under two miles with a steep incline along the final quarter mile. This takes about an hour although many prefer to stop and study the interpretive signs along the way.

Visitors are asked to remain on established roads and trails as mining areas can be dangerous and historic ruins are easily damaged.

As you approach the ”Glory Hole” to observe the bat outflight, please observe the posted signs and carefully avoid disrupting the bats and their habitat.

Like Valley View Hot Springs, this open space has no restrictions requiring clothing. In favorable weather, naturists may find it more comfortable to hike without clothing. Overt sexual behavior is strictly prohibited and illegal anywhere on OLT property.

Important: Keep in mind that the sun will have set following the bat outflight and weather can turn quickly. Be prepared with warm clothes, flashlights, and good footwear for your return hike. Be especially cautious of lighting while hiking.