Preserve and Protect

The Water

Valley View Hot Springs, with its unique geography, is a place where guests can immerse themselves in nature within a diverse ecosystem. The deer, squirrels, birds, fireflies, and bats will surely captivate you as you relax in our natural rock ponds.

Three ponds, each full of charm, are within easy hiking distance. Body-temperature water bubbling up from the gravel underneath and surrounded by delicately built rock walls. These ponds generally run between 91 and 97 degrees.

A quarter-mile hike up the mountain leads to a set of three ponds. These ponds are temperature-sensitive depending on the season and offer magical views of the valley below. Known as the Top Ponds, the steep hike is worth the view, and this is one of the most popular sites.

Our large swimming pool was originally built in the early 1900s. Its constant flow of fresh spring water keeps it at a stable temperature year-round. The deck around the pool is where you’ll find one of the two shared bathhouses and the sauna. Our sauna, a unique feature of our property, was built over a stream, and the water flows into a tub built into the sauna’s bottom. This unique feature allows guests to cool off without ever leaving the sauna.

The Apple Tree ponds are two rock ponds filled with warmed spring water. We use electricity from our hydroelectric plant to heat the water, which is usually around 102-106 degrees. However, this does vary depending on the amount of energy being used throughout the property. We ask guests to consider their energy consumption, especially in the colder months.